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Letters, Dec. 19

A vaccine idea

I have not always been in favor of vaccinations. Yet, to encourage COVID vaccination, I do think that those who receive the COVID vaccination should be rewarded.

They could be put on a national registry, given a green button to wear, a card (certificate) of proof of vaccination (with the date). Two weeks after their completion of the vaccination they can be admitted to certain public venues without having to social distance and without having to wear a mandatory mask.

Caveat: Health officials say they cannot say for sure that the vaccine will prevent immunized people from carrying and spreading the virus. Yet, there could be “safe havens” where only immunized people are admitted. Safe havens could be bars, gyms, restaurants, game parlors, gatherings, etc., which would be exempt from lockdown rules. And there should perhaps be a penalty for those who wear the green button but cannot prove they were vaccinated.

The idea is to encourage vaccination and to get the economy and businesses going again.

Jim Meissner


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