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Letters, Jan. 7

Not my representative

Really, Cliff Bentz? The first thing he does as a new representative representing Oregon District 2 is to join the miscreants trying to undermine a fair election? Is it seriously worth endangering trust in our democratic republic in order to curry political favor by massaging our petulant sore loser’s ego?

Even Greg Walden and Mitch McConnell had the sense not to get on that bandwagon. How about turning his attention to issues of concern to all of your constituents like a healthy economy, COVID and fire relief, distribution of vaccines and mitigation of wildfire risk? Instead he has shown his corrupt and spineless nature right out of the gate. Shame on him. Shame, shame, shame. He is #not my representative.

Ann Lovett


Democracy at risk

I read with dismay the front page story about the newly elected representative for Oregon’s 2nd Congressional District calling for an investigation into the election of President-elect Biden.

When his first act as a U.S. representative is one that could be considered sedition, Rep. Cliff Bentz has made it clear that democracy is not his first priority.

Elizabeth Fairchild


Understand climate change impacts

Since last summer, most of Oregon has been in extreme or severe drought along with much of the West.

We observed hotter than average yearly temperatures and lower precipitation levels. We saw our local reservoirs drop to less than 5% capacity by the fall. We experienced damaging local wildfire events in September, driven by these dry conditions coupled with a strong southeast wind.

While no one weather-related damaging event can be directly tied to climate change, the climate models based on greenhouse gas emissions predict a higher occurrence of these events due to increased variability in wind patterns, land and ocean temperatures and precipitation levels.

Are you concerned about the global and local impacts of climate change and what we can do to mitigate and adapt to these changes? Would you like to learn about the science behind climate change and the predictions for Oregon?

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN) is offering another Master Climate Protector class where you can learn about climate science and how to take action! The 10-week class starts Feb. 8 and is being held on Zoom this year. The class is limited to 20 participants, for more information visit http://SOCANMCP.eco.

Ray Mallette


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