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Letters, Jan. 20

Insensitive sign

On the morning of Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the NW Raw Organic Juice Bar & Restaurant in Ashland made a failed attempt at “cute” advertising.

Their morning email said this: “Today is Martin Luther King Junior Day. It’s also Thesaurus Day and Winnie The Pooh Day and International Creative Month! So whatever you’re choosing to observe, we support you and want to offer you $2 off at raw today.” I immediately emailed a reply to them:

“Dear NW Raw,

You may not be aware, but you are diminishing the significance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day by also saying it’s Thesaurus Day, etc. I imagine you are trying to be funny but in these incomparable times of social justice and inequity, it’s not funny. To say “whatever you’re choosing to observe” is beyond callous and flippant.

The work that MLK Jr. did to earn a national holiday is not something to be taken lightly. Our country clearly needs this day!!

Your poor taste has just lost you a customer.

I hope you will consider sending an apology for your poor attempt at being cute. I hope to receive a retraction soon.”

I cannot get over the words “whatever you’re choosing to observe.” As if we have a choice not to observe the work that MLK Jr. did — and which work continues. As if we have a choice not to observe the absolutely broken state of our country. As if we have a choice to make light of critically important things in this world.

And as if any restaurant has a choice not to observe the dire situation restaurants are facing given the state of the pandemic as we approach 400,000 deaths.

I am currently waiting for an email from NW Raw accepting responsibility for their error in judgment.

Catherine Greenspan


Successful tree-cycling day

On Saturday, Jan. 9, Ashland Scouts BSA Troop 112 collected over 900 Christmas trees from all around the city of Ashland to be recycled by the Ashland Parks Department to be used on the trails in our city parks. This was Troop 112’s 35th Christmas tree recycling event.

Thanks go to the volunteers from the Ashland Lions Club, the Ashland Kiwanis Club, and Scouts, adults and alumni from Pack 112 and Troop 112 for covering the town picking up trees and operating our “field kitchen” to provide food for everyone, and the people of Ashland for participating in this recycling endeavor.

The generous donations by citizens of Ashland to Troop 112 for this service will help to fund this year’s summer camp. More importantly, all of the Scouts that worked that day learned the value of community service.

If we picked up your tree and you would like to donate to Troop 112 for this service, please send a check to: Troop 112, P.O. Box 839, Ashland, OR 97520.

John Ourant, committee chair, Troop 112


Accountability first

Regarding the Republican lawmakers who argued against impeachment of President Trump for the sake of unity:

There can be no unity without accountability.

Priscilla R. Saul


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