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Letters, Feb. 1

Anti-racism workshops

The conspicuous silence with which Aidan Ellison’s murder has been met is unconscionable. We must do more than offer “thoughts and prayers.” We must do more than talk about how wrong it is.

Let us rise together, in our grief and conviction, to prevent another senseless murder of a young Black boy. Let us make Ashland the shining example of how a community can transform, from the inside out, into the most anti-racist, safe and loving, celebratory town in Oregon. Let us do this together through actions, not words.

There is a coalition forming between local business, individuals, social justice groups and Ashland High School’s new “Truth to Power’’ club, all of whom are working toward a “Promise to Aidan.” A promise that his death will be the beginning of our journey to become allies together for decency, safety and a better future.

Join us for the next upcoming workshop, designed to help white people understand how we can change our practices to be better allies. 11 a.m. Sunday, Feb. 7: Dear White Folks 2: How To Be Anti-Racist (Zoom link)

Email: truthtopowerclub@gmail.com

Megan Sheer


Confused by editorial

I am a little bit confused about the first paragraph of Thursday’s editorial.

You say, “Oregon Republicans have been effectively shut out of the decision-making process in Salem for some time by virtue of the Democratic Party’s registration advantage.”

This sounds a little bit like you’re saying that’s a bad thing? The Republicans are at a disadvantage because we have a strong democracy in Oregon? What is the implication in that statement? It seems like a veiled reason for voter suppression, which seems to be the Republicans,’ way of staying in power.

Bob Rawlings


Profiles in cowardice

The oath of office sworn to by each elected member of Congress (and all federal employees) is that they will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.

In addition, they must also be attentive to the wishes of the electorate that put them into office. However, the oath of office necessarily takes precedence when there is a conflict between the two. It does take an act of courage to go against the electorate, but when there is a conflict, it is cowardice that results in looking toward the next election instead of honoring the oath of office. Such members should be recalled or soundly defeated in the next election.

Richard Franke


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