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Letters, Feb. 3

Learn about climate change

I imagine we all have had to adapt to a different lifestyle because of the deadly worldwide COVID-19 pandemic. In many cases, responses have been heroic, in others just an inconvenience.

This experience may be a prelude to an even more serious long-term complex worldwide crisis: climate change. It too will require us to learn as much as we can about the science so we can take steps to proactively address the problem.

  • Why is the Earth getting warmer?
  • What are “greenhouse” gases, where do they come from, and what is their role in global warming?
  • How can we individually and collectively be part of the solution?

Southern Oregon Climate Now (SOCAN) is again offering its popular Master Climate Protector course covering these questions and more. It is a 10-week course starting Feb. 8 for three hours each Monday night via Zoom. Go to socanmcp.eco for more information on registration, tuition and scholarships.

Eric Dittmer


Shop locally

Everyone wants to complain, but I rarely see a helping hand, so let me offer one.

When we shop locally with businesses owned by people who live here in the valley, these are your neighbors who are employing your neighbors. They are not sending their profits off to New York to enrich someone’s stock portfolio, but instead spend that money locally by reinvesting into your community.

They are the ones who support the Little League teams as well as 4-H and many other community projects. Think about that as you get ready to order groceries, something online, that next hamburger or pizza, because it may affect the person living next door to you.

John Holm


Historic namesake

To all Spanish-speakers who wondered (as did I) about the spelling of the “Almeda” Fire, Kira Lesley, archivist of the Southern Oregon Historical Society, kindly came to the rescue. It seems that there was an early townsperson here whose name was Abel Helman and he had a daughter named “Almeda.” As to the derivation of her name, that’s a mystery, although I would wager it was a misspelling of the Spanish word for a tree-lined street, “Alameda.”

Bob Shepard


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