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Letters Feb. 6

Basic Needs Navigators needed

It’s no secret that college isn’t exactly affordable in the United States, yet it serves as a crucial gateway to future success and life opportunities. Those currently attending college, more often than not, are faced between paying for mere essentials (rent and groceries) and tuition, textbooks, and materials. I myself am a student at SOU and, like many of my friends and peers, have also faced food and housing insecurity in pursuit of a higher education.

A recent study by the Association of American Colleges and Universities found that 61 percent of students at four-year institutions faced either homelessness or housing or food insecurity in 2018.

We all dream of and envy the days when one summer’s work in a minimum-wage job covered both housing and tuition for a year. Everyone should have the option to pursue a degree, but unfortunately that’s not the case and until our government can make higher education more accessible/affordable, Basic Needs Navigators should be on each and every campus to direct students to available resources on campus and in their communities.

Alexandra Szabo


For the People Act HR 1

The For the People Act HR 1, the first bill introduced this year in the U.S. House of Representatives, will improve American elections by making our election system more free, fair and accessible to all eligible Americans. This legislation will restore the Voting Rights Act and modernize public financing of elections through small donor matching funds, end gerrymandering and restore transparency in our government. The League of Women Voters of the Rogue Valley enthusiastically supports the For the People Act.

Oregon and Jackson County voters did not question the legitimacy of our own elections, but some questioned practices in other states. Oregon also voted for the Campaign Finance Limits Amendment (Ballot Measure 107) by 78 percent for and only 22 percent against. Let us secure election integrity for all voters nationwide by contacting Oregon Representative Cliff Bentz (541-776-4646) and asking him to support HR 1.

Marge Peterson, President LWVRV


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