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Letters, Feb. 10

How to get a vaccine

From what I’ve seen and heard, getting a vaccine in Jackson County if you’re over 65 depends on:

  • Luck.
  • Whom you know.
  • The changing whims of providers.
  • How much one is willing to stretch the truth.
  • Changing state/governor directives.

Along with several others in the 70-75 age range, I was summoned to the Expo vaccination event Jan. 23 via email by Asante, then turned away by Asante after filling out requisite forms and waiting in line for an hour. I am unable to find out from Asante why this happened.

My PCP (Rogue Community Health) has no vaccines, and no information about vaccines.

This is just another example, should we need any more, of why a national, public health plan is crucial.

My thanks to Pam Marsh and Jeff Golden for their attempts to address this frustrating situation.

I am very glad that essential workers with in-person public contact are receiving vaccines, especially school teachers. Hopefully schools will open very soon!

Julia Sommer


Dismayed by Bentz

I was dismayed that Rep. Cliff Bentz failed to sanction Marjorie Greene for her many dangerous posts and comments. He was quoted as saying, “I find Representative Greene’s previous comments and actions deeply offensive and totally unacceptable. However, she went to the House floor to say she regrets her comments and actions.”

This is terribly misleading. As Dana Milbank pointed out in a recent Washington Post article: “ she offered no apology and no direct mention of her anti-Semitic and violent statements. Using Christ-on-the-cross imagery, she condemned those who would ‘crucify me in the public square for words that I said, and I regret, a few years ago.’ But she didn’t regret them. She had tweeted the night before: ‘We owe them no apologies. We will never back down.’”

After the shootings at the synagogue in Pittsburgh, Havurah Shir Hadash, the small temple I belong to in Ashland, was forced to hire armed guards for our holidays. An Ashland police officer provided training on what to do if an active shooting incident occurred in our building. I was trained and served as an additional guard at the door during services.

Greene’s unrepentant pandering to right-wing radicals and Jew haters is extraordinarily dangerous. Since Bentz refused to sanction her, I have a question for him: What is he doing to reduce the risk of white supremacist and anti-Semitic violence throughout the U.S. and right here in his own district?

Richard Seidman


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