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Letters, Feb. 17

Feeling abandoned

It seems 80-plus seniors have become invisible when it comes to COVID-19 vaccinations and appointments to get them.

Epidemiologists tell us we are the most vulnerable population, and obituary notices confirm the fact. Rumors swirl about preferential treatment provided to other groups or individuals. More and more groups are being jammed together, all seeking scarce shots and nearly nonexistent appointments.

My case is likely typical. I use a computer, find county and state websites, am told I am eligible to receive a shot, and am encouraged to make an appointment. I try to to so. But guess what? No available appointments, not tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

It’s strange, a flood of information telling us what to do but providing no way to do it. What a bloody, messed-up system.

I begrudge no one who has managed to get a shot. Nonetheless, I’d like readers to know that I and others like me feel abandoned, about to become societal road-kill. I’m 85.

Jim Dean


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