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Letters, Feb. 18

Our share of protection

I just read “Feeling abandoned” in the letters to the editor Feb. 17. I would just like to add my feelings about this subject.

I am a 98-year-old woman living alone and functioning quite well. Due to my inability to receive the vaccine, I am a prisoner in my own home.

I’m told I am eligible but there is none available. It seems to me the attitude is, “Oh, well, they are old anyway,” and we are on the bottom of the list. No wonder I feel so sad and lonely. All I ask is that we elders get our fair share of protection from this deadly virus.

Jeannette Thomas


Message misconstrued

Robert Mengis, in his Valentine’s Day letter to the editor, proclaims “Jesus Christ was a socialist.” What a complete misconstruing of Jesus and his basic message!

Jesus and Karl Marx (the ultimate socialist) both advocated sharing the wealth. But the difference is, Jesus advocated voluntary sharing while Karl Marx advocated coercion — specifically, a government gun in the ribs.

Mengis says, “The whole American Experiment is a “liberal construct.” I agree. Unfortunately “liberal” these days has been contorted by too many “progressives” to mean majority vote supersedes our basic human rights. Majority vote does not cancel free speech or any other of our rights.

Both major parties are guilty of extremes, and to preserve a government of, by, and for the people behooves all of us to rein in those extremes. The price of liberty is indeed eternal vigilance — and effort!

Tom Clunie


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