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Letters, Feb. 19

The last soldier

In every war, there is someone who is the last soldier to die.

Today, as I walk in my park and feel spring approaching, I am hopeful for all of us.

It is coronavirus, this horrific pandemic, that we are at war with.

As the death toll in America approaches half a million people dead, and some still dispute the numbers, or call it a “hoax,” I wonder.

I have seen the recklessness of the politics of Trumpism. Now, at last, the beginning of vaccinations. The respect for science and the hope for an end to it and return to some kind of “normal.”

For the past year, I have tried to be careful.

Cautious, but not fearful.

Respectful of others.

I do not want to be the last soldier to die in this war.

But somebody, surely, will be.

Casey Bright


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