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Letters, Feb. 16

Senators violate their oath

On Saturday, Senate Republicans violated their oath to defend the Constitution against all enemies, and undermined its framework creating a nation of laws, applicable to all, where political power is transferred by the votes of the people.

Their ruling, that sending an armed mob to obstruct congressional certification procedures isn’t impeachable, now authorizes interference with state election officials, mob terrorism, vandalism, property damage and serious bodily injury, including homicide, as legitimate methods to win elections or maintain power. All predicated on months of falsehoods and fabrications alleging fraud and a “stolen” election unsupported by evidence and unproven in court.

Gerrymandering, voter-suppression laws, Nixonian “dirty tricks,” slimy negative ads were already in the GOP toolkit. What’s next? Assassinations? Indiscriminate bombings? Is there a bridge they’re unwilling to cross in the effort to win elections? Will we become like Afghans or Iraqis who, threatened by Taliban and al-Qaida, vote at their peril?

Far-fetched? Are you prepared to vote at polls “protected” by armed Proud Boys and Oath Kepers waving Confederate flags?

Where will these senators — self-serving, cowardly, myopic — next take us with their death-grip on the perquisites of political power?

Fred Krasner


Two pandemics

We are faced with two pandemics right now. One is the historic, deadly virus, and the other is a political movement that threatens our democracy.

The coronavirus will continue to take lives until enough of us receive the vaccine. For the sake of all, get vaccinated and wear masks.

The political virus is “Trumpism.” Trump claimed he won the 2020 election in a landslide and that the election was stolen from him. Trump called his supporters, including domestic terrorists, to a wild party on

Jan. 6, 2021, to prevent the counting of electoral ballots that made Joe Biden the legitimate president.

His followers shouted out the lies he propagated and stormed the Capitol. We came very close to losing our democracy. Trump watched the camera for hours and did nothing.

His followers in Congress, the state capitols and the state parties continue to pledge allegiance to him and his lies rather than allegiance to the country and truth. Most registered Republicans are still infected with the falsehood that the election was stolen and believe Joe Biden is an illegitimate president.

Our democracy had a close call. Be a part of the cure and not the disease here on out.

Steve Haskell


No peaceful transfer

Over the past month, the Tidings and most other media have talked about the American democratic tradition of having peaceful transitions of power and how we narrowly missed having this tradition violently violated. In fact, however, we did not have a peaceful transition of power in 2021.

A violent, seditious insurrection occurred on Jan. 6 and succeeded in delaying the peaceful transition of power until that insurrection was quelled by force. And we have a large portion of senators and congresspeople who still support that sedition.

We did not escape unscathed. Our democracy is still under attack. And we can no longer claim to be a nation with a tradition of peaceful transfer of power.

What kinds of violence will be used to thwart attempts to end gerrymandering, voter suppression and elimination of the Electoral College? What politicians will have the courage to stand up for democracy?

Benjamin Ben-Baruch


Figured out the echo

Watching the end of the impeachment proceedings on Saturday, it took me a little while to figure out where the echo was coming from. Then I realized it was Mitch McConnell talking out of both sides of his mouth.

Rob Diefenbach


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