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Letters, Feb. 25

Almeda fire

Our family, friends and property were impacted by this tragic event. As we move forward with rebuilding, there have been some frustrations with the permit process.

City offices are closed due to COVID (in Talent), calls are not answered, and e-mails are not responded to. This is only beginning.

Permit fees are being charged in full again in both Talent and Phoenix. These fees have already been paid once when the original structures were built. In most cases, what insurance is awarding will not cover rebuilding costs. Lumber and labor prices continue to climb.

A discounted permit fee would be more fair while allowing for inspections costs, etc.

Katy Cowan


Nuclear energy

CO2 is generated by burning fossil fuels to create energy and which, if continued, will cause the earth to warm up beyond the limits of life.

CO2 has a lifetime of thousands of years and is always increasing; efforts to destroy or hide it underground seem unpromising. Solar and wind-generated energy are proposed as alternative sources, but they are intermittent and need enormous storage devices to smooth their output over daily, weekly or seasonal periods.

What is needed is another energy source that is safe and relatively inexpensive, produces no or few dangerous byproducts, doesn’t need storage and has a proven record of working. Nuclear energy is an obvious choice to be considered.

Worldwide, the existing fleet of 440 civilian nuclear reactors was copied from the first operating one, designed to fit into U.S. submarines, and after its success further advances in design were dropped. All of these advanced designs favored increased safety.

Some destroy existing radioactive waste and reduce its generation, and some generate very high temperature operation that can be used in various industrial processes.

Roger Warren



No, Rush Limbaugh was not a voice of conservatism as your headline declared.

Rush Limbaugh was 40 years of vitriol, whining and sniveling, pure irrational destruction, using code words and innuendo to promulgate racism, sexism, and isolationism — oh, wait, is that what you mean by “conservatism?” He certainly was not Christian in action, if that is what you meant.

Proud graduate of Texas Boys State (i.e., the Good Ol’ Boy Club), he rose early and lasted long, creating the climate of hatred and envy, perpetuating ignorance and white supremacy in the Trump class today, too cowardly, inept and egotistical to be constructive and honest. More than any other human being, he has set back America by decades.

Conservatism in itself is a valid ideology, but do not contaminate it with a Limbaugh.

Myrl Bishop


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