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Letters, Feb. 27

Grateful for vaccines

The people I work with daily depend on reliable health care. In addition to the pandemic posing serious health risks for most of them, these people are also facing fears of disruptions to that care. We are all very thankful that vaccines are available and vulnerable populations will soon be inoculated from the virus. Our health care supply chain and government officials are working hard to get vaccines out as soon as possible.

Manufacturers are expanding production capabilities and producing as many doses as they can. Oregon officials are working with pharmacies, hospitals and other administration sites to get doses into arms quickly. Connecting the manufacturers and administration sites are healthcare distributors, coordinating vaccine delivery. These companies are not just orchestrating the transportation of the vaccines and the supplies needed to administer them, they are ensuring that doses are protected and kept at the appropriate temperature.

Moreover, people with disabilities and other patients with health concerns rely on the same distributors to get them the specialized medications they need. In the face of the pandemic, distributors helped to ensure that access to critical medications remained uninterrupted. I am grateful for everyone doing their part.

Crystal Golding

Central Point

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