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Letters, March 3

Bentz has failed his district

Eight weeks into his first Congress, Rep. Cliff Bentz has failed this district. Rep. Bentz voted with every other House Republican against the COVID-19 relief bill.

He voted against sending $1,400 payments to every household immediately; against assisting unemployed people in keeping internet broadband monthly; against federal assistance for past-due rent; against reducing class sizes and increasing safety measures to aid school re-opening; against essential aid for restaurants to stay in business; against extending federal unemployment benefits during 6% unemployment in Oregon.

Rep. Bentz thinks fealty to GOP orthodoxy is more important than actually helping his constituents recover from the damage caused by the negligence of the previous Congress. He has said that he opposes the bill because he didn’t have any say in writing it; that sounds like his ego getting in the way of our assistance.

Luckily, there are enough Democrats in the 117th Congress to make all of this a reality, despite Bentz’s mistake in voting no. Now all of Bentz’s constituents can contact our two Democratic senators to tell them we need their help and the passage of this current COVID relief bill even though GOP Rep. Bentz refused to stand with us.

Heath Belden


Why edit prize-winning journalism?

According to mailtribune.com, the Mail Tribune received a Pulitzer in 1934 for “meritorious public service [] for its campaign against unscrupulous politicians in Jackson County.” Then editor and publisher Robert W. Ruhl wrote editorials “urging people to uphold rationality and fairness.”

The Associated Press has received 54 Pulitzers and the Washington Post 69, most recently for journalism in 2019 and 2020 respectively. Nevertheless, MT owner and publisher Steven Saslow plans to hire someone to edit news articles from these “slanted” news sources.

Rather than editing prize-winning journalism to reflect your personal viewpoint, why not follow the example of Robert Ruhl and develop Pulitzer-level reporting and editorials in your own house?

Elizabeth Fairchild


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