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Wolf killing is not hunting

Concerning the recent article about reinstating the “hunting” of wolves by Republicans and hunters: Shooting wolves from motorized parachutes, ATVs, snowmobiles year-round, using hounds and trappers, bait and night vision scopes, etc. is not hunting.

This is murder, genocide of another species that appears a threat to human control of life. My family were hunters. Hunting is a relationship between human predator and prey and is maintained by a respect for another life and an agreement to interact with skill and fairness on the part of the hunter. This proposed unlimited murder of wolves is cowardly and ignorant and without any regard for life on its own terms. I’m disgusted with this ongoing slaughter of the wolf who has been shown to have a necessary and irreplaceable niche in the balance of wildlife. Who is bringing the most harm in this situation?

Anne Stine


Move along

Yes, nothing to see here. Jan. 6 is just another moment the self-righteous perpetrators are hoping we’ll forget. It’s the same old story plot; with time, more distractions can bury truth.

If you didn’t go to a parochial school you learned enough about the Salem witch-hunts in 1692 to know its short but unpleasant history.

We can and should uncover carefully avoided truths about the treatment of Native Americans by those professing Manifest Destiny.

We’ve all seen the tactics of the God-fearing KKK, our domestic terrorist group that inspired the Third Reich.

We’ve watched the Taliban and other armed sectarian elements intimidate and control the Middle East, now we have weaponized Proud Q-balls or whatever on our streets that pray for their dictator and the swimsuit edition of Mein Kampf.

Anti-abortion activists claim humane moral issues but they don’t show any strong resistance to the military bombing innocent children in trumped-up wars.

With all this we constantly hear ranting about religious freedom. Hiding behind that shield is no different than abusing freedom of speech to incite violence or the right to bear arms to threaten other citizens.

Steve Sutfin


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