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Letters, March 16

Painted boxes add character

Thank you for the article on the painted utility boxes in Ashland.

It is my dream that all the utility boxes in town will be painted. They cause me to smile each time I see them. The article gave the names of the artists, the location of the box they painted, the type of paint used, and even a plan for an afternoon stroll to see them all.

We have so many artists in town with unique visions, and I’m thinking plenty of paint to finish the job of painting many more utility boxes way beyond the railroad district. Anyone else out there besides myself who would like to help this inspiration along? They give Ashland such character, and we have many characters here.

Annette Lewis


Helping fire victims

Extra generosity during COVID time: An especially well-organized member of our church has taken on the job of helping members help a fire victim of our church. I’ll call the organizer Betty, which is not her real name.

Betty found out from the fire victim what she needed for her new home, available in April. Betty listed all these items on email. We members choose which item(s) we want to give the fire lady. And, we let Betty know which they are so that the fire lady doesn’t wind up with four spatulas.

It’s such a good idea that I hope friends of other fire victims will be inspired to do likewise.

Carola Lacy


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