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Racial definitions lack rigor

When I was a teen growing up near Los Angeles, I used to watch weekly The Pabst Blue Ribbon boxing matches. One match that stood out to me was televised from Louisiana. The announcer indicated that although one fighter looked white, he had perceptible traces of black blood, and therefore could fight only negroes. I just kind of shrugged at that definition when I heard it.

Fast forward to the 21st century United States, and surprisingly, although definitions are better, they still lack rigor.

Tiger Woods is considered by the press to be a Black golfer. This despite the fact that he is 50% Asian and a mixture of Black and white on the paternal side. Credit goes to the male white slave owners.

Meghan Markle is often referenced as Black, although to me she is clearly white. Her father is full white, and her mother again is mixed. See reference to slavery above.

When I went to college years ago at UCLA, the blacks in my classes were blue-black from Ghana and the Belgian Congo. I say, who the hell cares, but if you do, at least define terms more accurately. Barack Obama and Kamala Harris deserve nuanced definitions if culturally we must.

Bob Scott


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