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Letters, April 19

Letters to the editor are submitted by Ashland Tidings readers, and do not reflect the opinions of the newspaper.

Could have been a feel-good story

This could have been a plot for a children’s book.

A good, kindly fireman is told about a roaming one-year-old bear who appears to be lost. The man tries to shoo the bear back into the woods.

The bear ends up plopping down by his feet for a nap. The man has his fellow firefighters help him get the bear into a dog crate. The bear is very compliant — no trouble at all. The bear stays overnight at his house, eats a little bit and rests comfortably.

The man does the right thing and calls the authorities. The assessment is that the bear is used to people and probably would not do well back in the woods. They are kind people who want to do what is best for the little bear. They know there is a bear rescue facility and sanctuary not too far away.

The kindly woman from that sanctuary brings the bear to the facility. The bear sees a vet. If the bear were sick he would be given the proper medical attention. The bear seems to be in good health. There is even another one-year-old bear at the sanctuary, so he already has a friend and a seven-year-old bear friend too!

Our little bear gets to be around bears and people and is safe from those people who may want to cause him harm just because he is a wild creature who lost his way even though he is a good bear who never caused any problems. Luckily he was found by some kind people who found him the perfect home.

And this should have been what we read in our Tidings instead of the inexplicable heartless inhumane story of what really happened.

Chris Donchin