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Letters, April 26

The rest of the picture

Your April 18 coverage of current campaign finance reform bills had me saying that “we will squander (people’s) trust if we pass a bill that favors unions.” That’s part of the picture. But it’s at least as important to keep campaign finance reform from favoring big corporate interests that have had so much power in Salem.

People who talk to me about money in politics overwhelmingly want a system that’s not skewed to unions or corporations, and that hands an advantage to neither major party. And they want to be sure that campaign donations from whatever person or group aren’t large enough to nudge lawmakers toward casting votes for the benefit of powerful lobbyists rather than Oregonians across the board.

That’s what I want, too. That’s what I’ll continue to fight for. That, more than anything, is why I ran for the Legislature in the first place.

Sen. Jeff Golden


Satisfied customers

I write this as an impressed and gratified “customer” of regional county and State service providers whose attitudes, job performance and simple courtesies have been in marked contrast to similar and corresponding behaviors my wife and I had experienced in recent years in California,

We moved in February after more than 20 post-military retirement years of living near San Diego. We needed to get things done to qualify as residents. We also needed to get our second shot of the Moderna COVID vaccine.

We expected frustration and hassle. Instead, and thanks to the vaccine providers in Josephine County and the staffs at the Medford DEQ facility and the Ashland DMV office, we’re done and all of it was delivered efficiently, courteously and quickly. Particularly outstanding was Vikki at the Ashland DMV office.

We offer this in gratitude to all involved and as encouragement to others who might be daunted at the prospect of dealing with “Govmint Folks” to get necessary stuff done. We think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Mike and Donna Sullivan