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Letters, May 5

Don’t penalize our businesses

Our news reports regarding COVID-19 are so upside down. The statistics they should now be reporting are how many of the hospitalizations are attributable to the unvaccinated!

Why penalize the businesses — closing restaurants, the cinemas and the theaters — when we know that the new, more dangerous variants are taking hold because there are so many who remain unvaccinated! And why is that? Most of us now have ready access to clinics or can search www.vaccines.gov to find a site readily at hand. Unfortunately, those who remain unvaccinated are driving the statistics forcing the governor to take drastic steps that adversely impact the rest of us.

Don’t penalize our businesses! Encourage our governor to allow our eating establishments, theaters, cinemas, gyms, essentially any indoor venue, to remain open for business provided their patrons show proof of vaccination. This would not require a mandate but provide an opportunity for everyone to exercise their freedom of choice. Those vaccinated can eat inside. Those not, outdoor tables or takeout is available. Same with the theaters: OSF, the Cabaret, the Craterian all fully open with no capacity restrictions provided they screen their patrons.

The most reliable proof of vaccination would be a digital vaccine passport system implemented by the State of Oregon similar to New York state. Enforcement by the same entity that currently monitors COVID compliance.

Don’t penalize our businesses! Do away with convoluted metrics that are in dispute and frequently changing. Stabilize the economy for so many who have suffered for so long. Revitalize our community at long last! Fully vaccinated — fully open! And those who are left behind decided that for themselves.

Elizabeth Essex


Not in the Moody

As a veteran teacher for Phoenix-Talent schools, a recent letter to the School Board has moved me to speak.

As the special election approaches with five School Board seats to fill, I’m compelled to weigh in on a candidate for position 7, zone 2: Zac Moody.

At the November 2020 board meeting, Zac and Melissa Moody submitted a letter into the record putting teachers in a negative light. They said we “are using this pandemic as an excuse to not work.”

Signaling that teachers are lazy isn’t the way to make your point.

I’m always willing to listen to others until they attack, especially when directed at my hard-working, dedicated colleagues. I am deeply offended, especially knowing how all of our teachers have gone above and beyond all expectations to educate our students and maintain a healthy community for all.

I wouldn’t dream of voting for Zac Moody to represent education.

Heather Ayers-Flood