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Letters, May 19

Water crisis

The article “Water crisis couldn’t be worse” should give us all pause to reconsider water usage during this time of drought, which may be with us permanently. From the TID shortage right here in the Rogue Valley to the farmers’ plight in the Klamath Basin, the emphasis must be on conservation.

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That includes educating myself as a consumer on the following: It takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef compared with 34 gallons to harvest a pound of potatoes. Wow! I also learned that growing feed for raising livestock accounts for 56% of U.S. water consumption.

I empathize with the farmers who are struggling with raising cattle in this arid West because it is our choices as consumers that is driving the demand for beef. Each and every one of us can make a big difference in this water crisis by simply reducing or eliminating meat in our diets, especially beef.

We have many small organic farms here in the Rogue Valley providing us with a wealth of fruits and vegetables. I choose to support them.

Ginger Rilling


We need to electrify

Anyone living through Oregon’s 2020 fires knows we are in a climate emergency.

We all need to understand that the prime cause for this climate crisis is our using fossil fuels: coal, oil and that fossil fuel flying under the benign name “natural gas.” The fossil (natural) gas industry consistently plies the scam that their product is clean. It is not!

Because of the vast leakage of methane, a greenhouse gas 86 times worse than carbon dioxide on a 20-year basis, during the fossil gas life cycle, this fuel is probably as bad a climate problem as coal and oil. Folks concerned about global warming, snowpack decline, droughts, climate change and fires should avoid gas.

To clean up our energy economy, we need to electrify as much as possible. Even when electricity is produced from fossil fuels, the greater efficiency of electric engines makes this energy source much less of a climate problem. Additionally, as wisdom triumphs in electricity generation, this process will be converted more and more to renewable energy sources putting all fossil fuel producers out of business.

Fossil gas companies are trying desperately to destroy global efforts to rein in greenhouse gas emissions. We must fight back!

Trisha Vigil