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Letters, June 9

Transform the system

This is a response to Louise Shawkat’s comments printed in the June 8 letters to the editor.

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If you “Concentrate on the low-hanging fruit: ...”, you will not do much toward achieving “the climate goal: reduced greenhouse gas emissions.”

From my professional point of view, it is obvious that acting individually will only have a minor effect on our quality of life. If you want to have a more lasting effect, do what we did in South Central Nebraska over several decades: Transform the system to shift from privately owned to publicly owned services. And elect decision-making representatives who will institutionalize those transformations.

Be aware that there will always be those who will continue to attempt to thwart your efforts and reverse any gains going into the future.

Robert I. Price


Virus hijackers

Every form of life wants to live and reproduce — even viruses.

Viruses have only a shell containing reproductive messages. In order to reproduce they must hijack another living form and take over their cells, injecting reproductive messages to make those cells create millions of virus particles. Sometimes, in the course of making millions of virus particles, mistakes are made in the copy. These mistakes could make the virus less virulent or even more virulent, but the mistakes are only being made while the virus has hijacked another living being.

Vaccines allow living beings to organize a defense before the virus takes over their cells. I understand that some people are afraid of vaccines. Becoming a virus factory is not good for you and it is dangerous for everyone that these virus factories may be creating ever more powerful viruses.

Do you think you can trust viruses more than you can trust biological engineers who make vaccines?

Don’t let your body become a virus factory. Give your body the info it needs to defend against hijackers. Get a vaccine.

It is safe, it is easy and it doesn’t hurt to be prepared.

Mary Ellen Gordian