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Letters, June 22

Who’s dishonest?

Ashland City Councilor Steve Jensen has accused other councilors of being dishonest.

This is the same Steve Jensen who claimed in an op-ed piece in your paper that the city had cut staff by 23% last year. The real figure was 5%. Who’s the dishonest one here?

David Runkel


The real problem with Fauci

Froma Harrop’s “The right’s real Problem With Fauci” ignores the fact that this “... mild-mannered public servant” made the following astounding announcement in February 2020: “People don’t need to be walking around, wearing masks.” This from the “nation’s top infectious disease expert ... there to do the science ...,” telling us not protect ourselves from a highly contagious virus he knew was airborne? When confronted on “60 Minutes,” he confessed that he lied because he wanted to “preserve the supply of masks for hospital workers.” I’m sorry, where’s the science in that?

Fauci’s contradictions are mind-blowing. Just a few examples include: Wear gloves, don’t wear a mask. Wear a mask, don’t wear gloves.

The mask won’t protect you but will protect those around you. The mask will protect you and those around you.

You are only contagious if you have symptoms. You are contagious even if you don’t have symptoms.

People simply stopped listening to him, no surprise there. His lies, contradictions, incompetence and unethical behavior resulted in the needless deaths of millions of Americans. He should be fired immediately, and his medical license suspended pending a comprehensive investigation into his role in those deaths.

Kate Thomas, RN