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Letters, June 24

Hat off to Hanks

My hat is off to Adam Hanks for 30 dedicated years serving the city of Ashland.

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He learned the intricacies of city governance from code compliance officer all the way to top, standing in numerous times for previous city managers and taking the reins as pro tem when Kelly Madding took a new position in Medford. I have been fortunate to sit at tables of discussion and planning on city commissions over the years and during my decade working for the local waste hauler. Adam’s knowledge and understanding of the complexities that are Ashland cannot be replaced.

I want to acknowledge Adam for his tenacity, civility and tireless efforts to go above and beyond the call of duty. We did not always agree and that’s OK. People can have different perspectives and maintain respectful dialogue when striving for the public good.

It’s human nature to sometimes be unable to grasp what we have until it is lost. Thank you, Adam, for your service, and don’t be alarmed if on Aug. 6 you see an increase of shiny polished heads walking around town. Let’s call it a small tribute to one of Ashland’s best!

Risa Buck


Conserving water

I am puzzled as to why we haven’t been asked by the city to conserve water in this drought.

There are many ways to save water: irrigating to keep the garden alive but maybe not thrive, shorter showers, run the dishwasher only when full, sweep walkways rather than hosing them are just a few.

We are all in this drought together.

Char Hersh


Was it a lie?

The letter of June 23 from Kate Thomas, RN, in Jacksonville, calling Dr. Fauci a liar is a gross misrepresentation of the facts.

At the beginning of the pandemic, little was known about this new disease. The World Health Organization and the Centers for Disease Control, realizing there was a critical shortage of personal protective equipment for health care workers, advised the general public not to wear masks. Dr. Fauci followed suit. It is well documented that hospital staff across this country were begging for adequate supplies of PPE.

As health officials learned more about this disease, the manner in which to treat and protect the public changed. We were encouraged to social distance and wear masks. We know how well that was received by many in the public.

But to think Dr. Fauci, and by association the WHO and CDC, deliberately lied to the U.S. public is, I believe, the actual lie.

Mary Lewis