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Letters, June 26

Fauci facts

I don’t know what nursing school Kate Thomas attended (letter, June 22) but where I went to school we followed the medical model that as new information became available, health practices could and should change. Established treatments, medication and even theories of disease are constantly being re-evaluated based on current research and critical re-examination of previous studies and practices.

Dr. Fauci on Feb. 27 did not recommend masks for the general public. By April 3 there was compelling evidence that people who did not have obvious COVID symptoms could pass the infection on to others and the recommendation about masks was updated. This is called following the science.

I received the COVID vaccine to protect myself, my family, my co-workers, my friends and my community. For those who have chosen to not to vaccinate, it is your responsibility to wear a mask. Unvaccinated people are the reason for every new case, every new hospitalization, and every new death from COVID-19.

David Eisenberg, RN, PHN, BSN


Mayor should resign

I have been watching in utter dismay as Ashland governance has literally been falling apart since the newly elected mayor took office in January.

I’ve seen her be dismissive of staff at meetings, specifically the city attorney. When he would attempt to cite a point of order she was often not receptive, asserting that she was well versed in process. I’ve also seen her be dismissive toward councilors. If this is how she is at public meetings I can only imagine how she conducts herself in private.

I’m convinced that Mayor Akins’ style of leadership was a significant factor in the recent resignations of very competent and crucial staff: the city attorney, city manager pro tem, and the finance director as well as two recruitment firms. In social media I have seen her attribute any criticism to sexism, which is a convenient way to absolve herself from any responsibility for the situation.

I applaud the four councilors whose dedication to the citizens of Ashland is evidenced by their herculean efforts to have productive meetings. The other two often have a knee-jerk reaction of rejecting any motions involving expenditures without offering any alternatives.

While I regret the recent resignations and believe they will be detrimental for Ashland, I believe that the resignation of Mayor Akins would actually be beneficial for the city. I see it as our only hope for beginning to repair our fractured government.

Sharon Marseglia