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Letters, July 22

Turn off cars when parked

A few thoughts in response to George Wuerthner’s guest opinion, “ ‘Fuel reduction’ is not the answer to wildfire”:

While I appreciate thinning that has been done correctly with big trees left standing and the understory cleaned up, I agree that “It’s the climate, stupid.” The Almeda fire showed us that unequivocally.

I would like to offer a way all of us can reduce our carbon footprint: we can turn off our engines when our cars are parked. Unbelievably, I recently saw two people in a grocery store parking lot get out of their cars, lock the cars and go inside while the engine continued to run, presumably so that they could return to the cool comfort of their car after shopping. No one else was in the cars, including dogs.

We all see cars every day left running with a person inside waiting while the driver has left the car to do an errand. We also see long lines of cars around schools picking up kids, waiting with their engines running.

Emissions contain carbon, carbon is heating our planet, and a hot planet will have more and more fires. Our mantra should indeed be “It’s the climate, stupid.”

Ginger Rilling



This is a response to the July 20 letter by Eletah Knight lamenting the lack of water for firefighting, farming, etc., and saying that we should invade the Rogue River to fill reservoirs.

The water shortage in California and Oregon is from over-development and destruction of the environment by overuse (e.g., Klamath Lake was/is devastated by cattle farms).

Affordable housing is the developers’ and local government’s justification for new development, mainly housing. New housing assumes there is adequate water, sewage, electricity, schools, etc., but in fact it requires the destruction of the environment.

Like Califronia, Oregon is full. Citizens leave California and move to Oregon because they believe it is not yet overpopulated, but the fires, water shortage and debasement of its schools show an unmistakable similarity.

We need to wise up. The fires and the destruction of Klamath Lake do not justify destroying the Rogue and our overburdened environment..

John M. Moore

Eagle Point

Ignoring the rules

John Stossel’s column Sunday, July 18, forgot to mention other greats who ignored the regulations.

Al Capone, 9/11 hijackers, your local drug dealers and Timmy McVeigh all thought the regulations were unfair.

Can we all do whatever we feel like?

Jim Konkler