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Letters, July 28

Editorial enlightening

Your editorial was very enlightening. Oregon is the only state that forbids hospitals from requiring their employees be vaccinated. But, another law requires volunteers at the hospital be vaccinated.

We need the Legislature to be just as concerned about the wellbeing of hospital employees as they are about their volunteers. I guess if you want to be safe in a hospital in Oregon, find a volunteer.

Glenn Berk


Vaccines aren’t perfect

If you’ve gotten your COVID-19 vaccine, you are doing your part to help stop this epidemic.

A point to remember is that this vaccine does not provide 100% protection for all time. (on the other hand, nearly every new hospitalization and death from COVID are in the unvaccinated). There will be breakthrough cases of COVID in those who had the vaccine.

Think of your body’s defenses like a castle, with guard dogs out front (the first line) and other defenders within (second line). The first line attacks anything they don’t recognize, but are short lived. The second line can take weeks to respond without preparation.

When you are vaccinated, the front line knows what to look for and the second line can respond within days of an attack. So the body is better prepared to fend off the invaders. Getting vaccinated strengthens our natural defenses to protect us, our families, our co-workers and our community.

David Eisenberg, RN