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Letters, July 26

Not surprising

It’s interesting but not surprising that the July 19 editorial in the MT describes the border crisis as President Trump’s fault.

For months he’s been begging the Democrats for help but they have roundly mocked him and said there was no crisis. Now all of a sudden they’re running around like Keystone Cops as if they’re just now discovering there is a crisis and something needs to be done.

They bray on about the “kids in cages” and, ironically, show AP photos from 2014 taken during the Obama administration. They delete these troublesome photos that would disrupt their narrative — a narrative stating that only President Trump has committed such heinous acts and therefore “orange man bad.” Orange man also bad for being a meanie and deporting illegal immigrants when ICE deported over 385,000 illegals each year from 2009 to 2011. Who was the president then?

Also, let’s ask an important question: When millions of dollars are sent to countries south of the border and nothing improves for the people there, doesn’t it make one wonder if the money’s actually getting to the people who need it?

Maureen Stewart


President needs no help

The president does a good enough job of undermining his own presidency and doesn’t need any help from journalists. The press has been a valuable asset in our democracy, free to express and report the news and current events without censorship.

The long-established and successful news outlets such as the New York Times and Washington Post go to great lengths to corroborate their findings and get the facts straight before releasing their reports. They issue apologies when they get it wrong. The investigative committees of Congress are there to do the important jobs of investigating. That is their job in our system of government according to the Constitution.

I question the motives of those who try to undermine our democratic system of checks and balances and freedom of the press.

Christina Marsilia



It appears that, in response to Donald Trump’s racially tinged comments reacting to statements from the four Democratic representatives commonly referred to as “The Squad,” many Republicans have reacquired the gonads they were born with.

It should also be noted that, at that age, they are totally non-functional.

Stan Loer

Grants Pass

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