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Have you heard...

With New Year's resolutions and new beginnings on our mind, Have You Heard went to the valley's hands-on children's museum, Scienceworks in Ashland, which just celebrated its third anniversary. We asked women, "What is it that gives you hope."

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My grandfather gives me hope. He's a retired minister and he's active in a pacifist organization. Even though he's witnessed so many wars he still has hope. And children-they are so innocent and they have so much potential to do good.

I find hope that the sun comes up tomorrow and I can start all over again.

What gives me hope is to see the children in this museum. The sense of wonder in their faces and the creativity with which they approach learning inspire me.

I was inspired by the Hopi philosophy that asks about all our choices, "Is it good for the children?" I'm going into advocacy for children and families and I'm hopeful that our country is waking up to make children our number one priority. I'm hopeful the private sector will wake up to the needs of children and families.

I look to myself. I find good things in my heart. Sometimes you have to look deep, but everything we need is inside.

God, who can create something out of nothing.

The arts and the creativity of people and seeing humanity at its best-that helps change my perspective.

Having faith, because I've gone through breast cancer and that's an illness where you definitely need hope. Leaning on faith helped to create that hope.