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February Garden Calendar

Gardening basics

Gardeners, start your engines. With temperatures rising and day length increasing, your garden is beginning to wake up. Clean up the garden, and take down all the stalks left up for winter interest. Waiting any longer means you may cut off growing tips along with dead material.

Begin pruning chores: roses, grape vines and fruit trees can be pruned. See below for grape pruning class offered by Master Gardeners. Local nurseries also offer garden classes beginning this month.

While you have your shears out, cut some forsythia. Smash the stems and place in warm water to force early blooming. You can start a hedge on your dining room table by keeping the water clean. These woody cuttings will often send out roots with no further treatment. Put into pots or set directly into well-prepared loose soil.

Kitchen and Orchard

Fertilize over-wintered vegetables now and again in March. A high nitrogen fertilizer boosts vegetative growth for kale, chard, collard and cabbages.

These vegetables thrive in cooler soils, so plant this month: arugula, mustard and turnip greens, peas, radishes and spinach.

Seed indoors for transplanting: brassicas like broccoli and cauliflower, leeks and bulbing onions.

Ornamental garden

Try seeding these flowers indoors, to plant out as the weather warms: dianthus, English daisies, marigolds, calendula, anise hyssop, columbine. Sow in flats, or cell packs. Poppies can be sown in peat pots, as they do not like their roots to be disturbed.

Clematis, rhododendron, bare-root roses and camellias are available now and can be planted. Make sure to harden off plants that were kept in greenhouses and be careful not to overwork wet garden's soil.


Jackson County Master Gardeners offer grapevine pruning demonstration by Quail Run Vineyard's Chris Hubert. Explains how to train and maintain plants for healthy grape production.9 a.m.-noon., Sat., Feb.11. Class held at 569 Hanley Road, Central Point. $5 fee.

Scholarship: The Master Gardeners will award up to $2,500 to an upper level college student who graduated from a Jackson County high school and is now majoring in a plant-related field at OSU. Applications must be postmarked by Mar. 1.

The MG plant clinic is open for questions and insect identification on Tues. and Thurs. between 10:00 am and 2:00 pm. Call 541-776-7371.

For additional information about Master Gardener programs, check online: http://extension.orst.edu/sorec/mg

Garden Clubs

ASHLAND (488-5576)

Monday, Feb. 6

Naturescaping, Marjorie Ratner

CENTRAL POINT (664-1726)

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Seeds & Propagation

GRANTS PASS (474-7121)

Wednesday, Feb. 1

Greenhouse growing, David James


Thursday, Feb. 16

Design with wood, Ruth Root

MEDFORD (864-1182)

Friday, Feb 17

Understanding your orchid, Eleanor Brady

ROGUE RIVER (582-4432)

Wednesday, Feb. 15

House Plants, Bill Turrell

February Garden Calendar