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Change is a bit easier with the burst of energy that arrives with spring blossoms, so naturally it's the perfect time to do something new, like find a new job, or make new connections. And how do you ensure success? We asked nine women about clothing: If you're looking to get a job or make a great first impression, what do you do?

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Dress the part. You don't dress down; don't wear jeans. I think you should dress the part of the job you are interviewing for. If you are going to be a logger, you probably won't wear a three-piece suit.

I feel into what the circumstance is, who the individual is that I'm going to be meeting and what part of me is needing to express at that time and how. Every morning, no matter what the occasion, I change clothes until I'm wearing the color and the jewelry that feels right. It's intuitive.

For me it's not dressing to impress at all. I lived in that artificial environment for a long time. Now it's more about tending to myself in the small ways that enliven me. It might be doing yoga, my make-up or hair, depending on the day.

I dress modestly in slacks. Good shoes are really important. Not too much jewelry - simple and classy. Not too much color-you never know how they might feel about certain colors. Last time I was job hunting, I spent the most money on my shoes.

I'd be respectful of dress codes and status quo, but I would dress and wear what makes me feel good. I wear what makes me feel beautiful and comfortable, not according to other people's perceptions. If they happen to like it as well, great, but if not, that's OK, too. A great cup of coffee might give me the energy for the interview.

You go all out. That's what I did 25 years ago when I was looking for a job in accounting. I found the best suit. I pounded the pavement with my new suit and my great resume. I had a great time and landed an awesome job.

How you present yourself to the world is a reflection of how you view yourself and I think people ought to take care in how they present themselves. I try to present an image that's attractive. It doesn't have to be conventional. There is a time-and-place-appropriate dress that we seem to have lost in this country.

Dressing is like creating a work of art. I tend to dress colorfully and with an ethnic flair. If I'm trying to make an impression, I'll consider the situation and probably tone down my style and dress more conservatively at first. Then I can jump out of my role later. It's play acting. Look at the role you are playing and then dress appropriately for it.

What you wear says a lot about who you are. Think about the environment and dress appropriately. Wear your power clothes but add some pastels. Men will find you less threatening, according to the research. Dress so you are at ease in that particular environment and can give your attention to the questions you have to answer. Then you can relax. You can engage and be yourself.