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Have You Heard...

Does nurture or nature have the most influence on our personality? Genetic research is turning up surprising information about how we inherit more than looks from our parents. In honor of Mother's Day, Have You Heard went to Bear Creek Park in Medford. While children hunted for treats at radio station KRWQ's annual egg hunt, we asked their moms, "How much are you like your mother? What did you inherit from her?"

Barbara Cole


I'm a lot more like my mom than I like, because we both seem to be disciplinarians that back off because you can't bear to see your kids disappointed.

Christine Hall


I hope I inherited the love for the family. Family is most important.

Harnel Peterson


I'm a lot like her. I inherited her strength. She's an exceptional woman. She's spending this Mother's Day in Washington, D.C. talking about Bulber Palsy ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Khristy Harden


I don't think I'm like my mom at all. I'm more outgoing. I'm the outdoors type - fishing and traveling. My mom's more the homebody.

Trudy Donnelly


I think I inherited her child-raising skills. She was a lot of fun as a mom. She still enforced her rules, but she made life a lot of fun. She was active and involved in our lives.

Desiree Magerle

Central Point

I'm like my mom in my looks - but as far as disposition-no. I probably inherited her quietness and having a large family. I'm one of seven, and I have three grandchildren.

Lori Gregoric

Eagle Point

I looked in the mirror this morning and I saw my mom. I look like her. I'm smiling like her. It's interesting.

Brooklyn Blake

Berkeley, Calif.

I've inherited my mom's eyes, her outgoing personality and her bad money-management skills. She really liked to sing and I like to sing; we have a love for music. (But) we're pretty different people.

Lacy Campuzano


I've inherited her kindness and her compassion. I've got her sincerity. I have patience and I like to help out people in trouble. I have a hard time saying no, just like my mom.