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Have You Heard...

When summer is on one's mind, great vacation fantasies are usually part of the assorted daydreams. In keeping with the season, Have You Heard went to the Medford Central Library, where a library card is the ticket to adventure, and asked patrons: What is your idea of a great vacation?

Jan Rowe


Traveling. Motorhome. Flyfishing. Family and friends. Relaxing away from the house. Doesn't take much.

Nancy Thornton


One of my favorite vacations was in Mexico. It was inexpensive, tranquil and warm. I could lay by the pool and just relax. The had great food too.

Susan Orth


It has to be long enough and different enough that you forget your primary definition of yourself, like your sex, your job or your age, and you start to 9nteract with the people or nature differently. When you come back to your real life everthing is shifted. It all looks a little different.

Paula Fong


Sitting alone on a beach for an extend period of time. Just about any beach will do. The rhythm of the waves, the white noise and getting away from the schedule makes it great.

Rainy Cruz


A great vacation is going someplace not to far away that can be relaxing for me and my 8 year-old son and with as little as possible to do.

Debbie Brooks


Just being able to spend time with my kids is a great vacation. We just love being together.

Bobbie Mann


A totally relaxing vacation is great. It's not hectic, not rushed and where you get to take your time and enjoy. It could be camping. It could be shopping in Portland. It's great as long as I get to take my time.

Ursula Kosling


My passion is wild animals, so to see them in their natural habitat on a photo-safari to Africa while they are still there.

Leslie Maness


A great vacation is a good book, peace and quiet, my husband and Mozart. On the ocean would be nice, with the waves pounding.