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Have You Heard...

While pondering thrills vs. safety, it seemed natural to head over to the carnival rides at the Jackson County Fair. Have You Heard found nine women willing to answer the question: As a teenager, were you a good driver?

Mary Beth Wright


I was a wonderful driver as a teenager. I grew up in Pennsylvania. I had to drive in the snow and rain. My father was school principal, so we were afraid of getting in trouble. I never sped. I never stayed out past curfew. I checked the oil and did all the things I was taught in driver's education.

Rebecca Baldridge

Gold Hill

I think all teenagers think they are good drivers. I know because I have two teenaged boys. I thought I was a cautious driver, but now I know I was very inexperienced as a teen. You don't know about all the dangers until you get out there.

Kim White


Yes, I was. I didn't end up with any tickets between sophomore and senior years in high school. But after my senior year, I got two tickets for speeding right away. I've never gotten another.

Donna Josephson


Actually, I didn't get my driver's license until I was 21. I was afraid of driving. A lot of my classmates had gotten in car accidents and one actually died. I'm a good driver now and haven't had an accident. I see a lot of crazy drivers out there.

Michelle Freidel

Central Point

I was a fairly good driver. I know I took chances that I shouldn't have, but I usually thought about the consequences before I got in the car. People should think about distractions like cell phones and music. As much as we think we can multi-task, we still have to be able to focus.

Stephanie Smith

Gold Hill

No, I drove too fast every opportunity I had. We had a '67 Mustang, which was an invitation to go fast. I never got a ticket and I never was in a wreck, but every chance I had to go fast, I did. I didn't drink and drive, or do drugs, but I sure liked to go fast.

Maggie Smart

Eagle Point

I didn't get my license till I was 19 years old. I didn't like driving. I was more cautious.

Molly Heath

Eagle Point

I never hit anything. I was pretty cautious. I'm a better driver now, but I wasn't bad. I got my license at 17 years old, a little late, so there wasn't as much pressure to be crazy.

Marsha Foster

Gold Hill

Yes. I've never had a ticket. I drove a little faster back then. I waited till I was 17 years, old because I wasn't in hurry. I had to be really careful because so many of our family friends and neighbors were policemen. That made you extra cautious. They really impressed you with the dangers of driving.