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Have You Heard?

September is anything but restful-school starts, the harvest is in full swing and retail businesses are gearing up for the holiday season. So Have You Heard? took a stroll down to the Bear Creek Greenway's celebration at Blue Heron Park in Phoenix. With Indian summer in full blue-sky glory we asked women, "What's your favorite way to slow down?"

Genita Hamilton


Gardening! I can think. I can mull over things while I garden. I enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers. I have to pay attention to gardening, so I can't think too much about other things in my life. Plus, I love the results.

Ginny Hinton


Dancing and exercising at the YMCA in Ashland and walking. I walk two miles almost every morning. By moving your body, your legs get more limber. It's very relaxing and beneficial. It's unnecessary to walk fast. Walking at your own pace is the best.

Janes Wear

My favorite way is prayer. I pray for other people and I pray for the world. I pray for children. They have to face so many things I didn't - peer pressure and the drugs that go on. And I love to walk. I take my grandkids walking.

Glory Cooper


Bubble baths with scented candles! Lots of bubbles. Bubbles up to my neck. I play a nice rain forest tape and soak till the water gets cold. Sometimes I add extra hot water. It's what I can make time for in the evening after my daughter goes to bed.

Dixie Webber


My favorite way to slow down is to take a nap. I usually nap after lunch, sometimes on my sofa, sometimes on my bed. I only sleep about 15 minutes-I power nap. Afterwards I'm not sluggish. I get up early so I take a rest every day.

Heidi Buettner


I have so many ways to slow down. I love backpacking and hiking. Walking in Lithia Park. Being part of the natural world and away from civilization helps me. I sometimes do yoga, but nature is my refuge.

Amy Horbyk


I do yoga. I do it on my own, in silence. I concentrate on my movements and it simplifies everything. Concentrating on my body and the way it fits together, I forget about the other swirling thoughts for a while.

Nancy Recio


My favorite way to slow down is to just take a day - like today - and spend it with my family away from home. I go to school and I work, so getting out like this I have no homework, no school, no work, no phone. Just fresh air.

Melissa Matthewson


My favorite way is to take a bath, put on some very comfortable clothes and hang out with my husband. I cook a good meal and afterwards we take a walk. Spending time with family, being on our farm - that helps me slow down.