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Have You Heard...

Despite its mundane and pragmatic purpose, New Year's Day is as much a part of the holiday season as gingerbread, with a set of traditions that have nothing to do with the calendar. As this winter's holiday began, Have You Heard went to the Craterian Ginger Rogers Theater's Gingerbread Jubilee to ask women: Do you treat the new year as an opportunity for a new start? Is it an occasion to begin or end things, or is it just another day?

Janel Salazar


I use it as an opportunity to reflect - to assess where I've been and where I'm going. I always like to be growing and making progress.

Lyn Wandell


It's always a relief for me that the year is over and I get a new start. I always set goals and envision how my life might be different, better or more inspirational.

Jean Nigro

Grants Pass

Actually, it's my anniversary, so New Year's was a really big new start two years ago. We picked that day [to marry] so everyone will be partying for our anniversary.

Sharon Hobein


A new start absolutely! This is my philosophy: My old resolutions are in the past. New resolutions are to be made. A new start - I have one every year.

Skylar Wilmot


It's just another day because it's just another year going by. It's the same thing, pretty much. I'll probably change my attitude when I get older and experience life a little more.

Janet Sowell

Central Point

It's a new start for me. Actually, every day is a new start for me, but for New Year's I always have the same resolution: To be on time. I have now gotten my "on time" down to five minutes late. I am improving every year.

Patricia Ayers


It's my late husband's birthday. He's been gone eight years, so it's an anniversary of the heart. It's another opportunity for new experiences for meeting and caring for other people. It's always a beginning.

Christina Oden


I just treat it like any other day. I think you can't waste your life and wait until the new year to start something new.

Michelle Drake

Eagle Point

It's a fresh new start. I clean out the old and start new traditions. This year we're having our first grandchild, so it's an even bigger day.