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As part of the school/community partnership with the city of Medford, McLoughlin Middle School students of the month attend and are honored at the monthly City Council meetings. The students representing McLoughlin for the months of January and February 2007 were:

January 2007: Lucas Bailon, Team 71; Samantha Owirka, Team 72; Ciara Haines/Sierra Haynes, Team 73; Brittney Kimball, Team 81; Riley Yandell, Team 82; Bradi Mitchell, Team 83.

February 2007: Shannon Haas, Team 71; Aralia Blackwater, Team 72; Arturo Mendez,Team 73, Johanna Boyd, Team 81; Justin Kirkman, Team 82; Ricardo Rivera, Team 83.

North and South Medford High School choirs, bands and orchestras collaborated in an unprecedented event on Feb. 7 and 8 at their respective auditoriums. In a full performance of Carl Orff's "Carmina Burana," 160 students and 20 professional musicians from the community came together to entertain the community. Dr. Wayne Bennett, conductor of the University of Oregon symphony, conducted the work, which is a major theatrical work, in 24 movements,composed for large chorus, a symphony of strings and woodwinds and featuring a strong percussion section with piano and celeste. Andrew Brock, Ellie Murray, and Michael Flaherty, three professional vocal soloists from the community, performed the virtuosic solo numbers.