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Grilled Cheese Extravagance


2 slices of bread (you get to choose, but make it hearty enough to stand up to the filling)

2 thin slices pepper-jack cheese

2 thin slices havarti cheese

1 thin slice black forest ham or other good-quality ham

Several thin rings of OSO Sweet onion (when not available, use whatever sweet onion is in season, such as Texas 1015, Vidalia and Walla Walla)

Spoonful of your favorite chunky salsa

Place one slice of the bread on a cutting board. Add 1 slice of the pepper-jack and 1 slice of the havarti. Layer on the ham then the rings of sweet onion and some salsa. Top this with the 2 remaining slices of pepper-jack and havarti and the second slice of bread.

Place the sandwich in a lightly buttered griddle. Spread some soft butter on the surface of the top piece of bread. Cook over medium heat until the bottom piece of bread is golden brown and the cheese is beginning to melt. Carefully turn the sandwich over and continue cooking until the bread's second side is nicely browned and the cheeses have melted. Makes 1 serving.