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Bringing Harmony Into Your Home Through Color

Everything in the universe is energy. It is the invisible, swirling, undulating life force that permeates the walls of your home and the joyful bliss that animates the smile of a child. It's everywhere we can see and everywhere we can't see.

Feng shui enthusiasts believe the five elements of fire, earth, metal, water and wood attract a specific frequency allowing it to flow through your home like a river.

In your home, energy can either stagnate in corners, rush too quickly through a long hallway, or it can, like the river, gently flow and nurture all aspects of the room. This energy is called "chi." Our eyes can only capture a fraction of the invisible infrared, ultraviolet and cosmic waves that surround us. What our eyes can "catch" we call color.

Color is the easiest and least expensive way to control and enhance the "chi" in your home. All the element colors carry a specific wavelength and frequency while the amount you use and the shade you choose may vary.

Red has the longest wavelength and violet has the shortest. In between lie the myriad of colors, each igniting a different feeling and emotion. You can paint an entire room, only one wall or simply add a pillow or a vase but when used correctly, you can dramatically shift and improve the harmony in your home.

Red represents fire, and emits a hot, passionate energy when used in the area ruled by fire, the section on the center far wall of your home, opposite the front door wall. However in excess, it can bring too much excitement and even quarrelling. There are countless shades, from fire engine reds, to terra cotta or magenta tones, depending on your taste.

Browns, tans or yellows signify the earth element and can bring a grounding feeling to a room. It gives a sense of tolerance and patience as well as wisdom gained from past experiences. It can be very elegant in deep chocolate or bright and cheery in lemon or goldenrod, but when it is placed in the center of the home, feng shui experts believe it enhances the health and balance of the family.

The metal element corresponds to whites, silvers and golds. In China, white represents the death of life in winter and is used sparingly. Feng shui practitioners believe that metal colors can "cut through" issues causing problems in a family that is "stuck."

The black, navy, and deep indigo tones represent the depth of a natural pond and the mysterious waters that flow around the rocks and banks of a river. It nourishes and strengthens and is the necessity of all life. When water colors are placed in the front center of a home, some believe it allows you to flow smoothly around all obstacles.

The wonderful strength of a tall, strong tree with magnificent foliage is characterized by the element of wood, representing growth and upward movement. In shades of deep forest to elegant emerald or lively lime, when placed in the far left center of the home, some believe it will create harmony with your family.

In between these areas are blended color mixtures. Amethyst purple, rich plums and lavenders, when placed in the far left corner, may bring in an opportunity for money to come into your life. Valentine pink to rosy mauve may enhance romance and marriage when placed in the far right section of your home.

Whether you accept the principles of feng shui or not, we all know that you can use color to create a sense of well-being and harmony in your home. Why not experiment with the colors in your home and see if you can't use them to bring a better feeling into your house and life?

Bringing Harmony Into Your Home Through Color