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The law of cause and effect

If we base our peace on conditions in the world at large, or our personal world in particular, it might seem that serenity is fleeting, capricious and unpredictable; sometimes it seems to be here, other times not. Yet there are universal Hermetic Laws that have been known in mystical circles for millennia that can help us reach an unshakeable serenity. By providing understanding we can apply regardless of circumstances, these laws assist us in finding sustainable inner relaxation. These seven laws are defined in a book called the Kybalion. They serve as guides to recognizing how our thoughts either move us toward or away from lasting inner peace at every moment. One of the most profound laws is the law of Cause and Effect.

"Every Cause has its Effect; every Effect has its Cause; Everything happens according to Law; Chance is but a name for Law not recognized; There are many planes of causation, But nothing escapes the Law."

— The Kybalion

The law of Cause and Effect, like the other six Hermetic Laws, applies equally to everyone; we all have the same opportunity to recognize that we have charge of the realm of cause, and are merely spectators to the realm of effect. How fortunate that the law works this way and not in reverse! Yet most of the world appears to be caught in the folly of ceaselessly chasing after desired effects, mindless of the golden opportunity that exquisite cause is within us, awaiting our invocation through the realm of how we feel. We can always — and do always — choose how we want to feel inwardly every moment (cause) despite how appearances (effect) may be presented to us outwardly (including the vast spectra of sensory, bodily and material concerns.)

Circumstances (all the space-time stuff we've gotten so hung up on as humans) are not an effective emphasis for our thoughts and feelings. If there is an outcome (or outcomes) that you are invested in within the realm of space and time, you immediately make an enemy (or at least a fearful projection) of the vast holographic machine of the universe.

We're dreamers, and instead of choosing total recall of the arrangements we made (to attempt to forget our origins by being obsessed with externals), we have been (almost) total sleepwalkers. Occasionally we have bursts of lucidity and remember that it is our mind that is the projector and that we are the projectionists, but most of the time (by design) we zombies operate in knee-jerk trance mode, oblivious to our birthright of choice, freedom and unimaginable happiness. It matters not whether our bodies appear to be asleep physically — if we are preoccupied with results in the "world" we appear to be living in, we're forgetting about the movie, the dream, we wrote, produced, directed and are starring in.

Fortunately, written into the script is a plot about waking up from the dream, which is basically unlearning the convenient and socially universal excuse of blaming what is going on around us (or what appears to have happened in our past) for our current well being. Eventually, our spiritual nature gets bored with having "been there, done that" with the various distractions, diversions and delays that in one form or another (the specific form really doesn't matter) keep us from finding inner peace. Peace exists within ourselves INDEPENDENT of any thing, condition or situation regardless of who is or isn't currently showing on the screen of our lives, regardless of whether or not our inner cinematic broadcasting equipment is screening a comedy, drama, romance, horror film, or an avant-garde experimental flick.

Modern physics suggests that what our senses show us only has the reality we ascribe to it. To have freedom, we need to shift our emphasis of attention from the screen of our senses (our interpretations of incoming data) and pay attention to the Wizard Behind the Curtain, the lucid dreamer of the dream.

This entire article, by Bruce Rawles, an Eagle Point resident, can be seen at www.GeometryCode.com. To submit a 650 to 700 word article on Inner Peace e-mail your submission to innerpeace@q.com