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Q&A with Indubious

Editor's note: This article is taken from Dawn Hatchard's dailytidings.com blog Sound Stage. It's an interview with in Indubious, who performed at the Tidings Café last week. The video can be seen on the Tidings Café group page of connectashland.com and at dailytidings.com.

This was a tough question and answer session to manage with at least four people contributing their thoughts. It may be amusing none-the-less.

What's the best and worst one-hit song?

This one got me a consensus with "It's Raining Men" as the worst and "Three Little Pigs" by Green Jelly as the best (yes, we sang that one, such a goodie).

What's the most annoying radio commercial?

Any pharmaceutical company.

Favorite wee-hours-of-the-morning snack?

Sing it with us... "We like to oote oote oote ooples and banoonoos...." That was fun.

That's what I managed with that session. I'll have more bloggy goodness for you this week.

Dance to the music and be safe.