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Inner Peace: A spiritual life

We yearn for an inner peace that doesn't sway with the winds. We seek a meaningful life, an assurance of truth. We need to love other people unconditionally, even our enemies, dropping our judgments and condemnations. But as long as we believe that all we see is a material universe, we stay trapped in isolated boxes, stuck in lack and limitation, fighting a war of good and evil powers and torn by fears and desires; psychic belief too is engulfed by these stormy conflicts.

Yet there is a purpose behind all these events, for by a path exactly suited to us, they finally lead us home to our spiritual life. When we awaken out of the material or psychic sense of existence, no matter how convincing they seemed, then we learn they were just ways we perceived things, and that in reality objects were never material, and the world was never made out of its thoughts.

When we awaken we begin feeling the presence that is everywhere, manifesting as this world. There is nothing else. This is a spiritual universe. Living in this presence, we have nothing to fear, nothing more to desire and we feel unconditional love for people — we feel joy in meeting this new day.

We can contribute to our awakening by turning deliberately within to experience the truth of our being. It first seems so inconvenient and arbitrary that we must attain a new level of consciousness to find the missing God, but this is what completes It, this re-entering our own greater self. This is the deep contact made in meditation.

There are various approaches to inner centering, contemplative enquiry being an effective form. Whatever our method, we can sit down in a quiet place and close our eyes, the intention of our heart is what counts. We view and consider and explore a statement of truth from one angle after another, until one day we are imbued with the realization of truth and commune with the divine Presence that has been abiding within us all this time.

As we return to this work devotedly for months or years, each time we can gain a fresh perspective on our identity, the nature of things, our unique purpose. With an open alertness, with expectancy, not forcing our mind to think, we sit receptively and let wisdom bubble up. Our insights are like the hem of the robe, they are a lead-in to the living contact with God, the meeting which is the real meditation. Then when we are in the groove, on the beam, we can simply drop right in. Once we become well-used to this, we might make an inner connection whenever it's needful, still unobserved.

Living a spiritual life is the fruitage of this work, the outer expression of it. Miraculously, circumstances can change for the better and so can our relationships.

Circumstances: When we feel quiet and confident, then a situation that looked dangerous can suddenly become a helpful opportunity. For instance, in these economic times, we might have lost our job only to find another one we enjoy much more, that fits us well.

Relationships: As we discover the actual unity of humanity, we can take that problem person into our meditative session and bless them and have an attitude of giving instead of needing something, for our source is in the invisible oneness. And then that person may feel the silent change and become a hard-earned friend. For instance, we can honor our parents' sacrifice in making all their mistakes so we don't have to repeat them, even if this gift is unknown to them, so we can learn from them and stop unconsciously repeating or resisting them; we can break the old cycles, amend them and let a new love shine through.

Be assured, we are all destined to start living such spiritual lives. We eventually come into our own, and start to let the presence live its life as us. Peace and love.

Moshe Ross (488-2571) lives and teaches in Ashland and is the author of "Really Being With You."

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