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Have You Heard?

Helicopter tours of Crater Lake? Houses climbing Roxy Ann? Humph! Given these recent "developments," Have You Heard headed out to Bear Creek Park to ask women what their special Rogue Valley landmarks are and why. One thing we learned for sure — it's beautiful here.

Phyllis Joy


Crater Lake is my landmark place. I just took a friend of mine from California up there. She hadn't seen it in 40 years and was impressed with the pristine beauty. I always take my friends from California there. It's the most major landmark we have here. I hope they don't allow helicopters in there. A photo of the lake with a helicopter wouldn't be the same. Right now, it looks like nobody's around.

Betty Bradford


I pick Lithia Park. I've been in the valley 32 years and I've taken kids and grandkids there to feed the ducks. I go to the band concerts and take picnics there. They have beautiful flowers and trees. That's my love — flowers and trees.

Pam Brabbin


I've been traveling a lot and when drive south on I-5 and top the hill at Blackwell and see Mount McLoughlin, then I know I'm coming home. I'm always disappointed if it's foggy or cloudy and I can't see the mountain, 'cause it's not the same then.

Shelley Hunter

Grants Pass

I love the stretch along the Rogue River between Grants Pass and Rogue River where the mountains narrow. Those are my mountains. They say "Oregon" to me. They're vast and majestic and green. They're beautiful. Oregon is beautiful.

Elsie Petrie

White City

I'm from Brookings, so what I really love is the Chetco River because it's beautiful. It starts at Loeb State Park, and there are a million different places to pull off the road to swim — Miller Bar, Little Redwood — and it goes up past there to hidden places like Elephant Rock. The water is extremely clean and not nearly as cold as the river water here. During the summer, we camped on the river my entire childhood.

Vi Korner

Sam's Valley

I like Lithia Park for its beauty. I used to go there for the Thursday night band concerts. Do not drink the water. Bleegh! When we were young, my friend and I had to drink it. Her father made us.

Joann Chapman

South Medford

I moved here from Portland about 10 years ago. I love the fields and the trees. I hate to see them go away. I'd hate to see this place turn into Portland. I love the fact I can go to the grocery store and be recognized.

Yvonne Weidman


The Rogue Valley reminds me of the Bay area, near the Santa Clara Valley — the valley with the mountains all around. You can go skiing here and golfing the same day. It's beautiful, and when I come through the Siskiyou Pass on I-5, I know I'm coming home. It's just really pretty and a nice place to raise kids.