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Equation of inner peace

Unless one dives deeper than the physical, mental and emotional, into "Being," one misses the purpose of human-life. One may have riches, total health and worldly happiness but still will feel a VOID. Being brings "AhHa" feelings of perfect inner-peace, which has no opposites.

Watch this scenario of inner-silence and fearlessness.

"Please don't go through this path. Most dangerous man called Angulimal, who killed 999 innocent people, is waiting for one year, to complete his vow to have a garland of 1,000 fingers from his 1,000 prey. He has 999 fingers already," pleaded villagers to Buddha, who started his walk towards lonely forest.

Buddha smilingly said, "I admire your love and concern, but other route is very lengthy and I have to reach next village soon. Now Angulimal is the right reason and I have no choice, but to encounter him, so let me go this way only."

Villagers tried to change his plan, as they loved Buddha, "Beloved Tathagata, you don't know this demon. He threatened his own mother not to come near or he will decapitate her. He is mad to complete his vow. He will not spare you."

Buddha laughingly replied with compassion, "What you see in front of you is dead from the birth, and what gives Life to it is deathless. I experienced this, on the day Enlightenment happened; I encountered my deathlessness/eternal-life. My real SELF is never born, so how can it die."

Buddha consoled the villagers and started his journey.

Approaching the forest, he heard, "Hey traveler, it seems you are ignorant and new to this area. Don't take one more step, if you don't want untimely death," from Angulimal on the top of the tree.

Buddha calmly replied lovingly, "You are right, I am new to this area, but not ignorant that for one year you are waiting for such opportunity to fulfill your stupid vow and kill one more person to collect your needed 1,000th little finger, so you can wear garland of 1,000 fingers. Be brave. Don't wait to finish this inhuman, idiotic and egoist vow. "

This was a new experience for Angulimal. He never saw such a serene and silent man offering his head willingly and fearlessly and having an aura of an emperor. He felt very low in front of this mystical-man. He hesitated first time in his life and felt like a lost battle with this fearless firasta/holy man.

"Your garb proclaims you a poor monk or a beggar, but a stupid person not to save your wondering life. I give you last chance to run away and don't force me to cut your head like this," and he cut a swipe with his thirsty sword, a branch of the tree and spoke ever so loudly to frighten this funnyman.

Buddha graciously came nearer. Angulimal was totally surprised why he was trembling so inside and his hands were frozen to use his sword, for which he was waiting so long.

He shouted loudly, "One more step and your head will be on ground like this tree-branch."

Buddha was at arms distance and softly spoke, "My dear friend, you only have right to cut that, which you can rejoin to its original capacity. So show me how clever you are and join this branch to the tree in its original living form and then you cut my head."

Angulimal hesitantly said, "I was right, you are a mad man, how I can rejoin this branch to function naturally again. Don't try to be saint and preach me your wild wisdom. I am not scared of your sacred silent grin and I am not going to spare you."

Buddha softly said, "In that case, Nature don't allow you to destroy anything, but you have my absolute permission to fulfill your vow and be brave and stop shaking and perspiring and without hesitation do your job successfully, my blessings are with you."

This was an eye-opener. Angulimal like lightening threw away his sword and fell at the feet of this funny-looking but silent tornado of stillness incarnate.

Inner peace is your solid strength and frightening fearlessness.

Gokul Gokani is Ashland resident since 1999. E-mail: dr_gokani@hotmail.com.