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The Omega Center

Today we live in a pluralist society and global age where more and more people are discovering the importance of being able to engage in thoughtful reflection and constructive dialogue across multiple faith traditions, world cultures, historical eras and educational disciplines.

This paradigm shift from "either-or" parochial thinking to "both-and" global consciousness has been precipitated by many factors, including higher education, the knowledge explosion, relativity and quantum theory, inter-continental travel, east-west immigration patterns, and universal access to the world wide web.

The Omega Center is on the creative cusp of this global paradigm shift as it assists university students and adult learners to engage in constructive dialogue between all the world's wisdom traditions, cultural legacies, historical eras and intellectual domains.

The Omega Center invites the Rogue Valley Community to partake of its new and innovative September spiritual offerings and programs.

The Center has two essential program divisions: Southern Oregon University and the Rogue Valley Community. The Center ministers to the emotional, social, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual needs of university students and the SOU community within pluralistic inter-faith, multi-cultural and inter-disciplinary context. At the same time, we continue to develop new programs that serve the emotional, social, aesthetic, intellectual and spiritual needs of adult life-long learners throughout the greater community.

This September the Omega Center will launch its new programs which include The Common Life Community, Soul Café, Evenings of Enchantment, The Great Conversation, Closer to Truth, The Omega Center Book Club, The Practice of Presence, The Dream Group, The Salon for Creative Culture and Civil Society, and the Community Forum for Interfaith Dialogue. It also provides programs and resources for the SOU student body and campus community, including a student life fellowship, leadership training and educational seminars.

The Omega Center is rooted in an "integral pluralist vision" that combines the core values of transforming leadership, common life, creative learning, spiritual growth, personal renewal, cultural literacy and global citizenship. It celebrates "the wisdom of paradox," integrating the dialectics of nature and spirit, individuality and community, reason and romance, ethics and aesthetics.

Rich Lang, the executive director of The Omega Center, non-profit creative learning community, assists university students and adult learners of all ages to develop their full human potential and to make a positive difference as they integrate their beliefs, values, knowledge and experience into meaningful and creative ways of living into today's changing society and world.

The first weekly gathering of The Common Life Community meets on Saturday, Sept. 11, 4 to 5:30 p.m. at the Center. The Great Conversation meets every Friday, noon to 1:30 p.m. Both are ongoing, as are several other programs. All programs are free and open to the general public. Contributions to the work of the Omega Center are needed and appreciated. It is actively seeking new funding as it significantly expands its campus and community educational programs.

The Omega Center is located at 371 S. Mountain Ave., Ashland, across the street from the Plunkett Center and Southern Oregon University.

Rich Lang is the executive director of The Omega Center. The entire fall program schedule is posted at the Omega Center website. For information call 541-488-2304 or e-mail info@the-omega-center.org.

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