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Be at peace

All the power that ever was or will be is here now. Be at peace.

All the love you ever need is here now. Be at peace.

You are loved, and you are love. So be at peace.

Release outcomes into the hands of god. And be at peace.

You do not know how things are supposed to turn out. Leave that to god. And be at peace.

The past is past, nothing to be done about it now. So be at peace.

Wake up from all the dreams that disturb you, that tell you that you are not worthy, that you are not enough, not here, not now, not yet, not me. And be at peace.

Recognize that the fears of what could happen to you, the judgments of what you have done or failed to do, or the scenarios of evils that you could possibly commit, are the restless imaginations of the distracted mind. So be at peace.

Take a deep breath. Recognize the concerns, worries, doubts, fears, as the nightmares of one who has fallen asleep. And be at peace.

Recognize your errors, repent, no need to defend yourself or deny what has been. Then let it go into the now. And be at peace.

Forgive yourself for what you think you have done. Forgive others for what you think they have done. Whatever you think you or others have done, no one has ever left the truth of their being. So be at peace.

We all make mistakes. And there are no mistakes. So be at peace.

Nothing you think you need is going to add one jot to your real happiness. So be at peace.

No one can add to or take away anything from, or diminish, your own being. So be at peace.

Your peace is intrinsic to you and does not depend on what another does or doesn't do. So be at peace.

No one else is greater than you or less than you. No one is more or less privileged than you. They are, and you are, with no need to compare. So be at peace.

You do not know what another's path is meant to look like. Let them rest in their being, all in the oneness of being. Recognize this and be at peace.

Feel gratitude for what is here and now, for this opportunity to be alive. And be at peace.

Rest in this precious, sacred moment now. And be at peace.

Abide in the beauty and perfection of now. And be at peace.

All great action, all inspired action, all right action, comes from the guidance and power of your inner being. Otherwise, action is a disturbance. So be at peace.

By being at peace, you are open, you are willing, you are able, to do whatever the guidance of love calls you to do. So be at peace.

Experience the depth and wonderful fullness of your being, here and now. And be at peace.

The center of the turning wheel is still. The center is always already free. Be at peace.

Rest in your being. It is here, it is now, it is free and freely available. It is love and available to all. So be at peace.

Peace is the greatest good. From it flow all love, power, wisdom, abundance. So be at peace.

Peace is, like the abiding now. It cannot be disturbed any more than you can cut space with a knife. Even the loudest sound cannot destroy the peace of silence. So be at peace.

Be at peace. Rest in your being, your native i am self, which is always already at peace. So be at peace by being peace.

Ed hirsch offers a free, weekly, drop-in class in the practice of presence at omega center in ashland. Contact him at presenceofone@yahoo.Com.