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Serendipity is calling. Did you answer?

Many of us have desires we would love to fulfill. We need to do the inner work that stands in the way of acquiring that which we desire. When "it" finally arrives, are you prepared?

Do you open your heart and embrace it or do you stand there dumbfounded that 'it' has finally arrived and you don't know what to do? It may arrive in moments you least expect and not always at what you feel is the opportune time.

What is your dream and what steps are you willing to take to have it? Are you willing to break those limiting beliefs, barriers, old dysfunctional habits that keep you stuck in the old life that you no longer wish to experience? Saying you have desires is one thing and acting on them is another. Attempting to obtain the heart's desire in an anxious, controlling or impatient manner doesn't help either. Being prepared from a proactive, confident place will allow you to be ready to receive it.

Here are some steps that help in breaking the old habits that keep you stuck:

1. Write down the desire, your dream. What would you like to experience in your life?

2. Make a list of what it would feel like as if you already have that desire. Getting too caught up on the features, physical form, what your physical mind would like it to look like, could cause you to miss opportunities of that desire coming into your life in a different form then what your mind envisioned it to look like.

3. Do you behave this way now or say, "I will, once I have that dream?" If the latter then go within and release the block that keeps you from feeling and living that life now. One way to do that is to look outside in the world and see the pattern you are attracting around that belief area. You can do that by writing down what is entering your life. You will see a pattern.

4. Once you discover the pattern, you have the opportunity to apply a variety of techniques such as those listed below that help release old beliefs. When that desire enters your life you are sharing the joy in an amplified manner.

  • Affirmations
  • Hypnosis
  • Emotional tapping technique
  • Dominant hand and nondominant hand writing release technique
  • Chakra (energy release around embedded beliefs in the emotional, mental and physical body) clearing/balancing

5. Stay open with acceptance and gratitude to everything that enters your life. Use discernment with what enters your life. Observe to see if what is in front of you could be a lesson to help you release what stands in the way of your desire or of that desire finally coming into fruition.

Angelica Rose, an essence training specialist and certified hypnotist, is the author "Living Life As You Always Dreamed" "The New Secrets To Running A Successful Business." For information see www.heartofmotivation.webs.com angelica1rose@yahoo.com

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