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Enhancing our lives with words

Words are important. Words provide context for others as well as oneself. It is the clarity of carefully chosen words that offers us a greater understanding of our true nature. Using words in a precise manner increases our ability to communicate effectively and generate great ideas.

When our politicians commonly use the word "fight" to win concessions for their point of view, a disagreeable energy is created between both sides. This energy creates a winner and a loser — with a desire to fight another day. The connotation is that others are completely wrong, even if part of their perspective seems to be correct. The fight becomes the foundation of their efforts. Compromise, negotiations, respect and developing something better becomes less inviting. I propose a law that prohibits politicians from using the word "fight." I know that yelling the word "fire" in a crowded theater where there is no fire, is illegal. If politicians want to enhance our lives, they need to give up fighting as a tactic.

"Hello" and "How are you?" can be more than an acknowledgment of someone's presence. It is an opportunity to connect. It is the intent behind the words you use that can make a difference. The words you choose, along with your intention, will be consciously (or unconsciously) conveyed to all who hear them.

Using words to promote a positive message can become part of our daily conversations. Words are tools. Learn to answer and ask questions in a creative and uplifting manner. On those days of not feeling my best, I will state that I am good and getting better. This is my honest belief. Honesty can be a measure of one's integrity. If a person appearing disheveled or out of sorts asks you how she looks, be thoughtful and respond with something positive, uplifting and honest. With practice, this can be your normal way of responding to others. Everyone has difficult experiences that should not be trivialized; however, our empathy can include positive thoughts and ideas. If you desire to live in an exciting and uplifting environment, the plan is simple. Give to all others what you wish for yourself.

If you believe that monitoring your self-talk provides you with a better life, then support others in that endeavor. Negative and judgmental comments, whether toward yourself or another, have a negative effect on your life. Positive and supportive words create energy toward the direction you want to go. Nurturing others in this manner is, in effect, self-nurturing. You can be instrumental in developing a larger community of positive thinking and actions.

To increase awareness of our use of words, we can challenge each other in a fun, nonjudgmental manner, as a game with a serious purpose, or as a personal way to track statements or thoughts that are misleading. Here are some examples:

"That just kills me." Possible response: "Oh, how much time do you have left?"

"It would take me four years to graduate. I do not have enough time." Possible response: "How old will you be in four years if you don't graduate?"

Need more examples? Think of your own possible (funny, sarcastic, caring) responses when people say these types of negative, destructive statements.

The dance of a fulfilled life requires your feet to follow the passion of your soul. Your self-talk expresses your thoughts. These thoughts need to be clearly in alignment with your innate passion. When extending your clear and positive self-talk to others, you are creating a better life for yourself and humankind. It is all up to you.

Al Huth is the author of "An Extraordinary life — The Magic of Oneness." He lives in the Rogue Valley and is a performing magician. www.infinitemagician.com Send 600- to 700-word articles to Sally McKirgan, innerpeaceforyou@live.com.