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God as person

This morning a little song came to me: "Me and you make two, made One in the Holy One. Me and you make two, made One in the Holy One." This covers the three great principles: God, person, and world. Me and you make two, two individuals, but together as the world we're made one, within the holy one.

We are unlimited, each person is the manifestation of God individualized, unique and priceless. This could be a human, an animal, a plant or a stone. Just as we can love many people with all our love, the entirety of God's love, God's existence, is within each being.

Yet, we see this human world around us and it looks so threatening because we're blinded by a vision built from the sense of separation from God. It's as if we're just connected to God by the slenderest thread, but this thread is the sturdy nurturing stem, rocking us rhythmically back and forth between light and darkness. In this holy rhythm, we live and move and have our being.

Of God's own necessity, we weave in and out of this world, to the great secret purpose: In self-sacrifice, we are the engine for the unfolding of greater and greater love, for revealing sacred relationship within the oneness.

God, being, is eternally and ever complete, an endless living pillar, the trunk of the tree of life, totally surpassing the metaphor of time, stretching always infinitely through the past and future of our experience. Dark and light, on and off, is the pulse of "becoming" that impels us on the way, opening our great compassionate heart, enfolding and moving us into the sacred relationships within oneness.

In this oneness, our problems are work assignments impersonally divvied up. Our faults keep us grounded. When we remember our oneness with God, our judgments can begin to drop away, we can recognize that we're all in the same boat. In our limited perspective, we seek the good and fear the bad. Yet there is this darkness within the light, and light within the darkness. The strength in anger becomes, of spiritual necessity, our strength in kindness.

The Tao perfectly symbolizes this worldwide phenomenon. The Tao is a wheel of exquisitely balanced light and dark, illustrating that the good is not good and the bad is not bad. So there are not two battling gods, there is only the being-and-becoming one.

We are God the suffering servant, seemingly lost in this vale of tears, not knowing who we really are, not knowing what really Is. Yet in every moment the open door of our consciousness beckons. Right here, turning within, we learn that overcoming is not a struggle to overcome any thing, nor any one; instead it is the light revealing this holy vision of Earth melted into what it always has been, already always Is: The all-love, the one, unfolding glory unto glory.

It's helpful to learn meditation. Then we're enabled to contemplate a spiritual principle, and see what comes to us from the wisdom within. We might ask, "What is God?" This is searching the meaning of the principle, "God." We might ask: "Who am I?" Here we may delve into the principle, "Individual Being," "Person." As we inquire within, in a listening attitude, we are going down a path, well-worn and ever new, a path that leads deep into the place where I am, where you are, where each one is, where God abides.

This is the place we come from, the inner place we seek, and that we return to again and again. Our great return reveals more and more the spiritual nature of our true identity, the spiritual nature of this world. In the fearlessness of Love, comes healing. We find the world shining, the chorale of beings singing, proliferating, branching, intertwining, in the utter holy beauty of God's gorgeous love.

From the kskq.org archive, "Really Being With You," April 13, 2013. Contact Ross at 541-488-2571

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