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The peace of being

Be at peace. Being is always at peace, even your own being. Being is always here, always now, always at peace. Find peace in what is always at peace.

Being is not something you construct, not something you control or improve and not something you can lose. It is not found in thoughts about being, feelings or beliefs. It is the being, presence, or suchness of everything — of the world, of yourself, of this moment. Open to it. Being is "it," and it is also "I." Being is also "thou," and that art thou.

The point of opening to being is that it is always available here and now, simply and directly, not only after some long (or endless) self-improvement project. The point is not to escape from life. The point is to open directly to being, and the "feel" of being, so that you can then open its peace in your whole being. Being transcends everything by simply abiding in and as itself. And being also includes everything, as everything is being. The path is emptying all conditionings into being, and then embracing everything in being, living in and from being.

Instead of trying to make your mind, body, or emotions peaceful, and perhaps getting frustrated when they aren't, turn to your core being that in you which abides as self or being. Whatever you are experiencing right now, peaceful or not peaceful, open to what is experiencing it. You will find that that one is at peace — is peace itself, for it is the peace of being. Once you get a feel of that, it becomes a reference point that sets the pace of your whole life.

Maybe your body is not at peace, maybe your heart is not at peace, maybe your mind is not at peace, but you, your being, is always at peace, just as much as being itself. Turn to your own being in your heart. Sense into it, breathe into it, feel into it, and turn your full attention to it. Your whole being will come into peace.

If you don't feel you can access your being directly, try this:

1. Open into the peace of being itself through opening to the totality of your present moment experience, just as it is. Then open to being.

2. Focus on your body by being still and sensing deeply into your arms and legs. Let that open into the peace of all-pervading space, as a foundation for the rest of the exercise.

3. Feel your breath and life force by breathing slowly and deeply in your belly. Sense and breathe into your aliveness as it opens into the here and now, the all-pervading life within which all energies arise; by feeling deeply into your heart. Open your heart in your love for being, opening to all-pervading love, the ever-present beloved, within which all feelings arise; in your mind by simply attending to awareness as such, the all-pervading mind, within which all thoughts arise; in your heart by intuiting your core self as being in the heart, opening to the all-pervading self, within which all identifications arise.

Return to the peace of being, now including all of the above as one peace, one being.

In this way, your body, your energy, your emotions, your mind — your whole being — become peaceful. The more you identify with your being; you yourself are at peace even without the rest being at peace. Being abides in itself, and so is being with whatever arises in being. This being-with is the peace of radical acceptance — now, and now.

This peace of being is not passive, not indifferent to circumstances. It is prior to circumstances, not dependent on the quiet mind, or the peaceful setting. This peace is empowering and clarifying, connecting you with your own being. From there, you will move in harmony with what is called for in that time and place. Be at peace.

Ed Hirsch resides in Ashland. Weekly Opening to Presence Groups will resume in the spring: presenceofone@yahoo.com

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